Learning how to hold a pool stick is one of the most important swimming pool safety tips you can get. Most pools require using one or two poles, while some require more. Your fingers may be smaller than most people’s, but when it comes to safety, you’ll want to be safe all the time. Let’s look at some tips for holding a pool stick.

First, start out with a small stick. Some people put their entire hands in the pool, holding on to a variety of things, including their beach towels. That can make it difficult to reach and use your pool stick. If you don’t know how to hold a pool stick, get a smaller stick to practice with first. Soon you’ll find that you don’t need to rely on your entire hand to do it!

Also, learn how to stand or sit in the water, so that you can easily reach your stick. It will help if you have something under you or on top of you, but try not to feel like a Viking or something. You don’t want to feel embarrassed for holding your pool stick like that! Your whole body must be coordinated, from head to toe, to do this!

Next, once you’ve mastered standing up in the water, you can learn how to swing your arm over your head, back and forth, so that you can easily get to your pool stick. Don’t worry, the pool people won’t notice, except you. If you find yourself doing this, stop. You can’t hit the pool again or you’ll end up making a big mess. Get back to practicing your arms, arms you’ll use to hold the pool stick, until you can easily swing your arm over your head, back and forth.

Lastly, you’ll need to get some other tools in the water. Get a life jacket and any items that will be useful for holding onto. Also, put some extra towels and other items into your pool bag, so that you’ll have some variety of items to use to hold onto. Remember, you don’t want to fall in the water and have to use your entire body! Practice swimming in your pool until you get comfortable holding your pool stick, without using your entire body.

Remember, this is a great way to save time, and have fun, too. While you’re practicing, keep in mind your safety, and if possible, stay as far away from the edge of the pool as possible. Don’t get yourself caught out there! Once you have learned how to hold a pool stick, there will be no need to resort to dangerous equipment, in case of an emergency.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re holding your pool stick. And never hesitate to get help from the pool people. If you don’t know how to hold a pool stick, they’ll know how to help you.