IBS Diet Pills Weight Loss Programs Historical Review

History of Diet Pills from Thailand is kind of controversial one. There was much buzz about Thai Diet Pills about 10 years ago. There was always very little objective and unbiased information on Thai Diet Pills topic. Rumors of fantastic weight loss slimming effect of Thai Diet pills were circulating in slimming world . Some movie and music stars mentioned Thai Diet Pills weight loss programs interviews. However, one thing about Thai Diet Pills stayed indisputable – effectiveness. Everyone talking on Thai Diet pills could confirm one simple fact – it always worked.

One of the reasons for such an obscurity of Thai Diet Pills was the fact that Thai hospitals kept the formula of Diet Pills in secret. That was an intellectual property and could not be disclosed. Another reason for that was the fact of discovering some prohibited components in a few of Thai Diet Pill sets. Thus, official medical expertise ran in US disclosed presence of fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine and fentermine in some of Thai Diet Pills sets. Those components were prohibited in Europe and US. That’s how T hai Diet Pills became a legend and in some cases brought negative attitude to public. With huge success of Thai Diet Pill weight loss products , counterfeit Diet Pills quickly flooded markets in Thailand and Asia thus undermining positive customer attitude.

I Inter Bangkok Clinic was founded in 1998. Specialists of the hospital created absolutely new formula of Diet Pills , free of harmful and prohibited components, later named IBS Diet Pills . IBS Diet Pills reflects the best experience of Asian medicine combined with advantages of Western style health care. Nowadays, IBS Diet Pills is leading weight loss product in Asia and becomes very popular in Europe and US. IBS Diet Pills do not contain any prohibited components while demonstrating 100% efficiency in weight loss .