IBS Weight Loss Programs and ApplicationsThough you can take any IBS Diet Pill Set and get promised result, I Inter Bangkok Clinic specialist recommend you to follow certain weight loss program to reach maximum slimming effect. This page reflects several weight loss programs and explain content and meaning of those. Knowledge of basic principles will help you to adopt IBS famous ” slim fast ” programs to the best weight loss result.There three basic weight loss programs namely, minimum, standard and super.All three programs are split into 3 stages which are weight loss preparation (stage I), s lim fast (stage 2), weight loss result stabilization (stage 3). Stage I of IBS Diet Pill weight loss program includes body cleaning which allow to loose weight at stage 2 in the most efficient way. Slim fast , stage 2 is major stage when your weight loss is actually happen. After finalizing Slim Fast you will find yourself losing your over weight by promised kilos. Stage 3 is equally important because it won’t allow you to put on your lost over weight quickly. Stabilization normally includes taking IBS weight stabilizer and IBS slimming tea .Minimum program has been developed for those with over weight of about 4-7 kg. In case if you are only beginner to IBS Diet Pills Set you are recommended start from Minimum weight loss program. If you are beginner, IBS Diet Pill Set is to be IBS Strong 1 Month (5-7 kg) or IBS Super Strong 1 Months (7-9 kg). Use IBS Super Strong 1 Month only if your over weight is more than 7 kg or if you suffer serious obesity .