I Inter Bangkok Clinic is founded in 1998 by leading weight loss specialist from Thailand Dr. Surawong.

Specialists of the hospital conduct comprehensive medical research in the areas of treatment of over weight and obesity . Inter Bangkok Clinic specialists are also possess high degree of expertise in herbal oriental medicine.

The mission of 1 Inter Bangkok Clinic is developing and promotion of highly efficient weight loss programs; making it safe and applicable to full range of patients including teenagers and adults suffering of over weight and obesity . Specialists of the clinic managed to carry this mission by offering IBS Diet Pill Sets and weight loss programs letting people to slim fast .

Nowadays, IBS Diet Pills is the leading product in weight loss market of South East Asia and quickly becomes popular for people with over weight in Europe and US. Formula of IBS Diet Pill sets do NOT contain prohibited components, drugs, tranquilizers, etc. It is based on highly trusted and reliable natural ingredients developed by talented Thai specialists.

IBS Diet Pills is NOT addictive, highly adaptable and effective product for weight loss and obesity treatment. Moreover, the product beats the top grades for weight loss result stabilization.