Q: How do IBS Diet Pills work?

A: Components of IBS Diet Pills reduce appetite and feel of hunger, normalize metabolism and digestion, burn fat in the body, clean up blood and organs.

Q: How long should I take IBS Diet Pills to reach maximum results?

A: The best period is from 6 to 10 months. You should NOT take IBS Diet Pills Sets for more than 1 year.

Q: Should there be any time gap while taking two or more IBS Diet Pill sets?

A: No. Effectiveness of IBS Diet Pills directly depend on time during which you take IBS Diet Pills sets. The longer you take it the better results you will get.

Q: Is this absolutely necessary to take IBS Stabilizer after having 1 Month slimming programs?

A: This is recommended by I Inter Bangkok Clinic specialists. Unlike in 6 months slimming sets there is no stabilizing components in 1 month ones. The reason for this is timing. 1 month is enough time to reduce your weight but this is not sufficient period for stabilizing the result.

Q: I want to loose 10 kg. Which of your courses does match my needs better?

A: IBS Standard 6 Months Set is a perfect choice. It is well balanced and highly efficient program changing your body with the least stress and results stabilization.

Q: How long should I take IBS before getting first results?

A: Your appetite will be reduced at the first week of course taking. Your weight will start reducing at the beginning of the second week. Sometimes, weight reduction comes a bit later but there is nothing to worry about. You will get promised results at the end of course taking period. There is one rule of thumb which states that the more extra weight you have, the quicker you start getting results. The longer you take IBS Diet Pills the more weight trimming you get.

Q: I have no extra body weight. However I am not happy with proportions of my body. In particular some parts of my body (hips for instance) look bigger than I’d like to. Will IBS Diet Pills help?

A: IBS Diet Pills will help you to remove extra weight and improve metabolism. However IBS Diet Pills do not produce cosmetic effects.

Q: For the time being I take hormone containing medicine prescribed by my physician. May I take IBS Diet Pills all together with my current prescription?

A: There are NO any contra-indications for taking IBS Diet Pills with hormone containing medicine. However slimming effect might be less than it would be otherwise.

Q: May IBS Diet Pills be used instead of physical exercise or instead of balanced diet to reduce extra weight?

A: No. This is the best to combine IBS Diet Pills taking with reasonable physical exercise and balanced diet.

Q: May I take IBS Slimming Tea together with IBS Diet Pills?

A: There is no need. You better off taking IBS Slimming Tea before and after taking IBS Diet Pills.

Q: Is this likely that I get my previous extra weight back after I finish taking IBS Diet Pills?

A: Clinical studies conducted by specialists of I Inter Bangkok Clinic prove that you might get back 2-3 kg after you complete IBS Diet Pills course but not more. In a long run however, this is highly recommended to keep up with balanced diet and physical exercise to reduce the risk of getting high extra weight again.